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Gaspard Artisan Cuisine

is set in a UNESCO classified two-storey wooden house

with an outside garden terrace.


Our chef creates fine recipes that celebrate the quality and

flavours of French cuisine by using seasonal ingredients carefully handpicked at the market of Luang Prabang.

Gaspard definitely has a "je ne sais quoi ".

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Gaspard means treasure

Treasure found unexpectedly can be profoundly rewarding. This old house is a fitting example. In many ways, the odyssey that led us to this house and the creation of Gaspard resembles our own story as friends and partners, making the journey all the more poignant.

Artisan Cuisine

We love to eat, to take our time and to enjoy the flavours of authentic recipes from our childhood.

Our menu features traditional signature dishes from France.

Together with our chef, we take pride in offering a menu that celebrates the Artisan values. 


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