French Artisan Cuisine

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Choose among a fine selection of authentic French pastries.

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Tarte aux fruits

Traditional French fruit tart with almond dough, almond cream and fruit paste maison.

260 000 LAK | 6 PAX

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Cheer me up — the most famous and popular Italian dessert revisited by Gaspard version Entremet à la Française.

340 000 LAK | 6 PAX

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Tarte au chocolat

Back to childhood memories. Extra bitter Guayaquil 64% chocolate with caramel layer and nougatine.

290 000 LAK | 8 PAX

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Macaron After Eight

Chocolate decadence and mint macaroon to share, After Eight version. Tasty and refreshing.

300 000 LAK | 6 PAX

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Tarte à la mangue

Mango in a raw and candied fashion; rested on a dreamy crust of almond paste and passion fruit cream.

240 000 LAK | 6 PAX

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La Charlotte

One of the most famous and appreciated dessert in France — almond spoon biscuit with red fruits and a light cream.

300 000 LAK | 6 PAX