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Artisan Cuisine

We love to eat, to take our time and to enjoy the flavours of authentic recipes from our childhood.

Our menu features traditional signature dishes from France.

Together with our chef, we take pride in offering a menu that celebrates the Artisan values. 

Our second love is wine

We handpicked our favourite wines for you. From a bone dry

New Zealander Sauvignon Blanc, a French Chablis,

a rosé from Provence, a Borsao Grenache from Spain,

to the famous Côte Rôtie from the Rhône and Italian super Tuscan.

French vintage cocktails

Badaboum, here come Jacqueline and Le Cacou sipping a Gimlet and a Fizz.


"Un cocktail, des cocteaux"

- Raymond Queneau

Image by Yohan Cho

Our second love is wine

Sit back and savor two of the things you love – food and cigars.

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