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Treasure found 

Treasure found unexpectedly can be profoundly rewarding.


This old house is a fitting example. In many ways, the odyssey that led us to this house and the creation of Gaspard resembles our own story as friends and partners, making the journey all the more poignant.

And so, we began

Craftsmen from Luang Prabang and Brittany worked together, bringing the home up to date.


We conjured a ‘secret garden’ for atmospheric rendez-vous under a canopy of tropical flowers and starry skies.

The downstairs salon’s baroque aesthetics, the upstairs traditional teakwood patina and soaring

ceilings remind us of Luang Prabang’s sublime natural beauty and her gracious, down-to-earth spirit.

Gaspard means treasure

Indeed, it is a fitting name. This treasure arrived with a storied past and inspired a charismatic alliance of humble and sybaritic pleasures, merging two provocative cultures. Gaspard is our homage to this house, its history, our partnership and the excitement and joy of finding treasure.

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